Air care

Air care


Air care is essential for maintaining a healthy and pleasant indoor environment, ensuring we breathe clean and fresh air while minimizing pollutants and odors. Regular maintenance of air quality through filtration and proper ventilation promotes overall well-being and comfort.


  • Air Pockets
  • PDCB
  • Air Freshener (Gel, Aerosol & Water)
  • Agarbatti and DhoopCandle


Air care products are designed to enhance the ambiance of indoor spaces by improving air quality, neutralizing odors, and creating a pleasant fragrance. These products are commonly used in homes, offices, and other indoor environments. Here are some common types of air care products:

Air Fresheners:

  • Sprays: Aerosol sprays or pump sprays that release a burst of fragrance into the air.
  • Plug-Ins: Devices that continuously release fragrance oils into the air, usually by being plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • Gel Air Fresheners: Thick gel-based products that slowly evaporate and release fragrance over time.
  • Solid Air Fresheners: Solid blocks or cones infused with fragrances that gradually evaporate.
  • Reed Diffusers: Sticks placed in scented oil that disperse fragrance throughout the room.
  • Potpourri: Dried mixture of flowers, herbs, and spices that naturally emits a pleasant aroma.
  • Scented Candles: Candles infused with fragrances that release pleasant scents when burned.
  • Essential Oil Diffusers: Devices that disperse essential oils into the air, often using ultrasonic technology or heat.
  • Air Sanitizers: Products that kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air.
  • Aerosol Disinfectants: Aerosol sprays that not only disinfect surfaces but also freshen the air.
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