Neem Oil

Neem Oil

Azadirachta Indica

Neem oil is a naturally occurring vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica). It is a complex mixture of triglycerides of fatty acids, such as oleic, stearic, and linoleic acids, along with a variety of other compounds, including azadirachtin, limonoids, and nimbin.

Neem oil has a bitter taste and a strong odor, which is attributed to the presence of sulfur-containing compounds. The oil is known for its insecticidal, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a popular ingredient in various personal care and agricultural products.

Neem oil has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and is considered safe for human use when properly diluted. However, its effectiveness and safety have not been scientifically validated for all applications, and caution should be exercised when using it.

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