Buddawood Oil

Buddawood Oil

Eremophila mitchellii

With an increase in demand, more timber
is being collected with a possibility to
ramp up oil production. Current supply is
meeting demand


Eremophila Mitchellii is an Australian native tree commonly found from Central to North West Queensland. It is also known as “false sandalwood”.

Oil from the tree is not new but a sustainable supply is. In the past, limited amounts of hexane extracted material was available but only produced on a small-scale. Today with the support of the local authorities a new purpose built steam distillation plant exists which can provide consistent qualities, sustainable raw material supply and the chance to further expand capacities.

The tree itself can grow anything up to 10 metres in height and is wild harvested. It likes the drier sand / soil type which is why it thrives naturally towards the desert areas of Australia.

As a new woody base note in any perfume, combined with its natural fixative properties this unique odour profile could form the basis of many new fragrances today and for the years to come.

  • Botanical name: Eremophila mitchellii
  • Origin: Australia
  • Crop Season: March – October
  • Plant/part used: Wood
  • Method of extraction: Steam distillation
  • TSCA CAS: 1429902-59-9
  • Appearance: Thick, reddish brown to dark brown liquid
  • Organoleptic Properties: Uniquely smooth, sweet woody oak odour
  • Density: 0.990 – 1.050
  • Refractive index: 1.510 – 1.540
  • Chemical constituents: Eremophilone, hydroxy eremophilone, hydroxy dihydroeremophilone, hydroxydehydroeremophilone and eremophilene
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